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Expert Witness and Trial Support

  • Testimony and Legal Venues - Dr. Parent has given testimony in local and district courts, state courts, and federal courts testifying for both plaintiff and defense. He has given testimony in Workers’ Compensation and FELA cases and in maritime and discrimination law cases. He has been accepted as an expert in toxicology and chemistry, and his credentials have never been rejected by any court in any of the 27 states in which he has given testimony. He has been deposed over 124 times and has given trial testimony 25 times.
  • Assistance with Expert Depositions - Many times legal cases are scientifically complex, and it may be difficult to depose scientific experts. Dr. Parent has assisted attorneys by preparing questions to be asked of opposing experts related to their qualifications as well as the complex issues involved. Typically, questions will be prepared before the deposition, and other questions transmitted via computer to the deposing attorney.
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