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Photo credit: U.S Chemical Safety Board

Whether your needs are in the US or worldwide, Consultox can help you with issues related to the regulatory aspects of your products. Should you be considering a merger or acquisition, Dr. Parent can provide your company and stockholders with the scientific scrutiny required for due diligence insuring an understanding of the risks, if any, in taking on a new product line or acquiring a new company. He can represent your interests as your representative to trade associations and committees which deal with toxicology issues of concern to you and can provide you with an assessment of your occupational venue from a perspective of safety for your employees.

Dr. Parent was involved in assessing potential health problems related to heavy metal exposure in a foundry with over 200 workers. He monitored an overall program related to reduced exposure of the workers. Initially, a study of the extent of employee exposure was carried out by an industrial hygiene firm, while Dr. Parent spoke to groups of workers and interviewed individual workers regarding signs of adverse health effects. He took urine samples for heavy metal analysis in order to provide an assessment of recent exposure and examined blood samples which provided insight into longer-term exposures. He encouraged management to take corrective action to reduce exposures via engineering controls and respiratory protection.

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