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Arsenic can be present in different levels of oxidation, but trivalent arsenic compounds (arsenites) tend to be more toxic then pentavalent arsenates. Arsenic can also be present as organic compounds which tend to accumulate in fish. Inhalation of arsenic compounds may result in upper respiratory irritation, conjunctivitis, peripheral neuropathy (numbness of extremities, muscle weakness, tremors), encephalopathy (hallucinations, emotional lability, memory loss), Raynaud's phenomena, vascular disease, spontaneous abortion, and various cancers (lung, bladder, liver, kidney, prostate, skin). Arsenic tends to accumulate in hair and nails but is short-lived in the blood. Measurement of arsenic in urine is useful particularly since both organic arsenic (from seafood) and inorganic arsenic can be determined separately, thereby allowing a better quantification of exposure from environmental versus food sources that would not otherwise be assessed if only total arsenic were measured. Selected references are provided below.

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